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Taking CalmGABA, from Basha's Naturals, has helped me to fall asleep. Before CalmGABA, I used to think about all my concerns in life.  I couldn't stop worrying.  Now, I let them go and I fall asleep and sleep more deeply. I am very glad that I tried this product.

Helena B.

Webster, MA

I have been taking CalmGABA for months.  It helps me concentrate better at work.  I find it very helpful right before going into a business meeting.  I use it when I need it.

William J.

Marlboro, MA

This Gaba is different than any other Gaba that I have tried before.  It is a proprietary formula containing Phenyl-GABA and I find that it stays in my system longer than other forms.  I feel less stressed and anxious.  Like everything else, you have to try it to see if it's right for you. 

Melissa D.

Hudson, MA

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