Extract Equilibrium CBD infused hemp oil is made with a pure and potent combination of pharmaceutical grade CBD and unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil, resulting in a pleasant tasting concentrated and effective product.


Manufactured in the USA and lab tested at California certified SC Labs testing facility.  


0% Psychotropic | 0% Residual Solvents | 0% Pesticides


  • PAIN RELIEF – It works as a natural analgesic for neuropathic and chronic pain and is effective in pain relief.


  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Used on conditions such as: multiple sclerosis, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, or inflammatory bowel diseases. 


  • NEUROPROTECTANT – This Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil relieves nausea and helps treat seizures. It also has antipsychotic effects, which is great for people with key neurological disorders.


  • ANTIOXIDANT – As an antioxidant, it promotes cardiovascular health and supports athletic performance. 


  • IMMUNE MODULATOR – It modulates immune function and serves as a powerful anti-aging supplement.


300 mg CBD Oil size bottle: 20mg/serving (one full dropper). 0.7 mg CBD/drop. 15 servings/bottle.


600 mg CBD Oil size bottle: 40 mg/serving (one full dropper). 1.4 mg CBD/drop. 15 servings/bottle.


(Personalize your dosage by orally administering desired number of drops.)






EEQ Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

  • CBD is not intended for use under the age of eighteen (18).  You must be 18 years of age or over to purchase CBD products.